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Theme Park

  • Exhibition design and implementation

  • Large landscaping of theme

  • Artifical rock work、iceberg、 rainforest/mangroves...etc

  • Building exterior packaging、The wall decoration's large model implementation

  • Customized GRC、GRG、GRP、FRP large model、Art sculpture

  • Packaging and sculpture of theme's dynamic play equipment、Interactive boat/Packaging and sculpture of adventures tunnel theme's railcar

  • Simulate actual scenery of the environment, including foreground (Life size replica, specimen and model) and background mural


  • Exhibition design and implementation

  • Aquatic ecosystem environment display

  • Ecosystem environment landscape reappearance

  • Artificial coral、kelp、Oyster shed、driftwood..Bio-model

  • coral、sunken ship display

  • Large fish bio-model;whale、stingray、shark

  • Customized GRC、FRP model

  • Pacific Dabbling Center, sculpture design and implementation

  • ZOO

  • Exhibition design and implementation

  • Outdoor exhibits

  • Artificial rock work, Realistic/Rescaled Dinosaurs Model

  • Customized GRC、GRG、FRP model


  • Different kinds museum's exhibition design and implementation (historic, natural, scientific, astronomical, literary, religional, artistic, archaeological, etc)

  • Expositive board, diagram, ect graphic design

  • Simulation/Realistic/antique imitate model,character model

  • Widow of ecosystem model, rescaled ancient city model

  • Scene redintegration's data research and exhibition design and implementation

  • Particularly exhibition design and implementation

  • Products Catalog


      Huang's Green Country, was founded in 1980, with initial core business in Water & Soil Conservation, Landscaping and Vegetation projects. Taiwan is an island country where the territory is restricted and densely populated, the land-use is overexploited in addition to Taiwan’s intensive abnormal weather phenomena, which have deteriorated the nature and caused major disasters. In order to protect the people, their lives and properties, and our company’s philosophy in sustainable management, we have founded the R & D Department in 1990. Aside from appropriating funds to the Water & Soil Conservation related products and to the trial and developing of the construction methods annually, we also adopt products and methods from the developed countries to advance the quality and standards of the domestic water reservation projects. Through continuous efforts from our staff at Huang’s Green Country, in recent years we have acquired multiple patents at home and abroad. We sincerely hope to do our best endeavors in Water & Soil Conversation and Landscaping Design, with these inventions.

      Since 1985, Huang’s Green Country has advanced into the domestic large-scale indoor and outdoor exhibition projects. We were also the pioneer to accomplish the first locally designed and produced Eco-Museum Exhibition, the Education Center of Taipei Zoo. Our company holds the belief of quality-comes-first. In addition to enforcing progress control, we have also invested heavy funds in acquiring overseas expertise guidance, with continuously studying of the international perspective for landscaping, exhibition design and engineering technologies, we hope to advance our professional knowledge. Huang’s Green Country has accomplished the following sequence of projects such as the Taipei’s Municipal Children Communication Museum, the Indoor and Outdoor Exhibition Project of Tomorrow’s World, the Tropical Zone and the Polar Animals Zone at the Taipei Zoo, the Exhibition Project of the Taipei Sea World of Rebar Group, the Lost Dinosaur Paradise of Leofoo Village Theme Park, and the manufacture and installation of the Dinosaurs Sculpture at the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum in Japan. Adding to our collection of accomplishment is the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium from Southern Taiwan. This project has been nominated by KCMI in USA to participate and have won the America’s Outstanding Project Award at the American Exhibition Project Competition. (See certificate in attachment). This award not merely approves our professional status in the domestic landscaping design and exhibition project but rather, proves that our company already in compliance with the international design and constructions standards

      The grand opening in the Waters of the World at the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium in April, 2006, was the third exhibition pavilion following the Waters of Taiwan and the Coral Kingdom Pavilion under construction plans. This project has been our latest masterpiece in the museum exhibition field. While deploying our techniques of highly consistent coordination in whole staging exhibition, we also implement the presentation with a special innovative lighting atmosphere, while with designs techniques such as the interactive exhibition components accompanying an electronic exhibition effects, we have successfully created yet another brand-new visual experience and an unprecedented museum touring experience as well.

    Perfection Spirit and Mission

      Huang’s Green Country Industry Co., Ltd. has always insisted in quality-comes-first ideology, enforcing execution progress and quality control. We also employ the most talented personnel and cordially invite the domestic and international experts, to have a paradigm shift in the old design and construction methods with our best efforts, in order to comply with a stricter international standard.

    management philosophy

    praticing coustomer's Inheritance of Historical Culture

      Base on our long term practical foundation, we believe that we will offer a wide selection of professional services and to consider more on how to fulfill the essential challenges of a more economical and faster customer requirement in every aspect, in order to create a concrete result of a reasonable win-win situation.

      The excellent project quality control and multiple art-work techniques at interior and outdoor exhibition created brilliant results and obtained higih praise from oversea customers.

  • 1、 Customer-oriented diversified services

  • 2 、Rigorous and effective quility control

  • 3 、Innovation of design and implementation

  • 4 、Pursue the rising of corporate inner culture

  • 5 、Creat reasonable and win-win results

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